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Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment, and traditional Medicine of East Asia. Today, it is generally practiced by inserting fine needles into specific points on the body to elicit a therapeutic response in the patient. Acupuncture points are essentially energy vortices within the meridian system, which is the energy network of the body. Stimulation of acupuncture points opens up blood and energy circulation and sends messages through the body’s inherent communication system, the meridian network, telling the systems of the body to function differently. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in general was actually designed as a preventative medicine. It effectively balances the autonomic nervous system, reduces stress and encourages proper equilibrium of the body’s hormones and metabolic functions. Ideally, a person would get treated periodically, say once a month or during the season changes, to attune the body to the environment and to fortify the body’s immunity and adaptability; thereby helping to prevent illness or fatigue. Acupuncture is also effective in the treatment of pain, insomnia, emotional disorders, infertility and internal diseases as well. In these cases the treatments are cumulative, and carried out with the intension of opening, empowering, and allowing the body to heal itself. Chinese Medicine uses different methods of diagnosis, usually based on taking the history of the patient’s illness, looking at the tongue and taking the patient’s pulses. The diagnostic methods of acupuncture are based on patterns rather than disease names, allowing the practitioner the freedom to help treat virtually any illness. The subtlety of the diagnostic methods of Chinese Medicine also allows the practitioner to treat patients when their ailment is still at a sub-clinical level, essentially helping to avoid more serious biomedical interventions like surgery. Acupuncture has withstood thousands of years of clinical trials and has proven effective as a less expensive, less invasive, and thoroughly beneficial medical treatment in non-emergency situations.

Cupping- Cupping is usually an adjunctive treatment to acupuncture in which fire is used to create a vacuum of suction within glass cups, which are then placed on the patient. Cupping is extremely effective in treating past injury and chronic pain, and pulls stagnant blood out of the sinews of the body to the surface, where they are released, processed and cleansed/recycled in the body. Cupping is a treatment that has been used in many, if not most ancient cultures using various methods.

Gua sha- Gua sha, like cupping is also mostly used in combination with acupuncture and with a very similar purpose and outcome as cupping. The technique involves using the edge of a piece of stone or bone to briskly scrape the surface of the skin.

Moxibustion- Moxibustion is the application of the herb mugwort, which is processed to a very fine quality, and is burned on or near inserted acupuncture needles. Moxa has the effect of deeply warming the energetic channels of the body, it invigorates of blood and reawakens functions of the body that are sluggish. Moxibustion is used in the treatment of countless conditions and is one of the most useful healing tools we hold.

Herbal Tea-
Herbalism is among the oldest healing arts known to human beings. Every climate and culture in the world has unique medicinal herbs, which have been utilized to cure countless ailments. Interestingly, the active chemical components of medicinal plants are the powerful substances, which are healing tonics when applied appropriately, and also are poisons when administered inappropriately. In most cases within the Chinese tradition, several herbs with various properties are combined in specific ratios to create a formula, or herbal prescription, to alleviate a given illness. The nature of the disease, the constitution of the patient, and the intensity of the situation, all dictate which medicinal plants will be used and for what duration. Herbalism is of the deepest and subtlest of all medicines. It is also the most profound and powerful for the long-term course of the patient’s health and overall prognosis. 

Nei Gong-
Also called Qi Gong, is the science of understanding and using life force energy to heal oneself and others alike. It is both a method of meditation and prayer, as well as a healing modality that is aimed at alignment of the whole body, including the spirit, referred to as the Shen in Chinese Medicine, with the essence of nature and the way of the universe. It is the art of manifesting the highest state of life quality and physical longevity. Practitioners who do healing work with this science must cultivate and refine their own energy to be able to safely and effectively influence the patient’s condition using these practices. Although the principles of this art are aligned with the philosophies of non-religious Daoism, it is in no way a “religious” adherence or belief system. Truly, the inner essence of Nei Gong, when not being defined by a specific culture, is the art, study, and work of the greatest mystics, healers, prophets and shaman. It is attunement to the ways of nature so as to be synchronous with the unfolding universe, and to unlock the divinity of the mind through the most sublime and powerful energies of love, wisdom and compassion.

Nei Gong training and daily practice has and always will be the heart of all of my practices and studies. It is the medicine of medicines, that when carried out with consistency becomes the vary groundwork and sustenance of life. Within the healing sessions carried out in this practice, Nei Gong treatment is woven into every treatment. I also offer to teach my patients how to heal themselves through the ground-level, basic techniques and understanding of the principles of this science of spiritual development.

Tui Na Massage Therapy-
Tui Na is a traditional massage of the Chinese culture. Its purpose is to open and clean the energetic pathways of the body. It is non-invasive and is typically done with the patient staying clothed. Specific and relaxing techniques are employed to break up stagnant blood and energy, soothe the flow of these substances, and restore proper range of motion, function and harmony within the body. Unlike many other modalities of massage therapy, Tui Na tends to fortify the body on very deep levels, and generally leaves the recipient feeling energized, grounded, and clear minded. Many miraculous results may be reached through Tui Na alone. It is a healing modality that has proven its efficacy in the treatment of many serious conditions. It can easily stand on its own as a viable treatment option for an infinitely wide range of conditions from muscular tension, to chronic fatigue, to tumor growth and depression alike. 

Holistic Dietary and Lifestyle Education- 
This is often the most important aspect of the overall treatment plan and sustainability of the results reached through the other means of treatment. The truth is that most adverse conditions are developed over long periods of poor, although they may be minute, diet and lifestyle choices. Specific dietary and lifestyle modifications may be suggested to allow both the immediate relief, as well as life-long healing to be created. Suggestions may include the addition or subtraction of specific foods, using food as medicine to substantially change a given condition, and adding or subtracting specific exercises or meditative practices to facilitate the healing process and improve the patients’ life quality. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by phone or write me an email. I will happily do my best to answer any of your questions or curiosities. In addition, all persons are strongly encouraged to do their own research if they wish to further understand these or any other healing art.